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Elizabeth Mary Messervey Greig

My maternal grandmother, who inspired this study, born in Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Messervy, with its probable Norman origins, is first recorded in Jersey, Channel Islands in 1309. At one time, Messervys were considered to be Huguenots, but the documented evidence of the family predates considerably arrival of the Huguenots from France, It is considered one of the original surnames of Jersey. The origin of the surname is accepted to be from the old Norman French for "ill-treated" or "badly done by", La Messerveri. Early versions of the written name were Messervi, Mauservy, Le Messeryn and eventually became standardised as Messervy. This spelling of the surname is the Jersey spelling and is also found in England, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. Where migration occurred very early, in perhaps a pre-literate era, one can find deviations from the standard. In the United States, where very early emigrants settled in parts of the Eastern seaboard in the mid-1600s, spellings can include Meserve, Messerve, Meservy, Messervy, Messervey. In Newfoundland, later to be part of Canada, the descendants of Philippe Messervy of Jersey, who settled in Sandy Point, use the Messervey spelling.

The aim of the Messervy one-name study is to document the lines of the Jersey ancestors and their descendants across the world. This is clearly an ongoing project and the website will grow, slowly, but will grow. Much information is not yet migrated to the website. At the same time, the history of the Messervys is a history of many in the western world at a given era. Patterns of migration are examined. Social history is acquired. It is important to note that in Jersey itself the surname has shrunk to a small number of descendants, and the largest population is now in the United States, with its variant surnames.

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Jersey, Channel Islands 1777

Historical map of Jersey, circa 1777, the ancestral home of the Messervy surname.